Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Needs of Internal and External Influences Assignment

Needs of Internal and External Influences - Assignment Example As the study outlines the availability of each student must be considered to ensure that the curriculum set matched the availability time of the student. This greatly increases the turn up of the students in the class. Lack of student schedule consideration might result to clashing of the class time, and the time they are required to be away as most of them might be employed or have children to attend to. Determining the level of education each student has reached in his lifetime will greatly improve the in cooperation of the curriculum. This provides the teacher with a guideline on where to start teaching from, and the type of teaching methodology to use for effective teaching, lack of consideration of this matter might lead to students not understanding as they might be left behind due to lack of understanding. It is important to consider the willingness of the students in learning. This study declares that majority of the students might not be willing to sacrifice their time and resources to acquire education. Considering this will greatly save a lot of time in the design of the curriculum, as the teachers are able to determine the kinds of students that she/he teaches. The available space in the institution needs to be considered to determine the number of students it can accommodate at a given time. This will greatly help in planning the number of students each intake will hold. In consideration to the case study presented, the level of learning of the adult students should be taken into consideration since it states, â€Å"Many of these adults generally do not possess the required formal qualifications for entry into the university, and many have been distant from any form of formal education for some time†.

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